QIR Ecosystem projects#

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⏩ nwqsim

High-performance simulator for executing QIR on GPU and CPU backends

🖥️ pytket-qir

Python package, aimed at interfacing QIR programs with pytket.

🐍 pyqir

Python bindings for emitting, loading, and executing QIR.

🐈 qat

QIR compiler tools and optimization passes for targeting QIR to different hardware backends

⚙️ qcor

C++ compiler for heterogeneous quantum-classical computing using QIR, including the XACC runtime

🌲 qcs-sdk-qir

Compile & Run Quantum Intermediate Representation (QIR) Programs on QCS

📃 qir-spec

QIR specification defining how to represent quantum programs within the LLVM IR



🏃‍♀️ qwop

Helpful utilities for working with QIR in Python