Community Documentation#

This repo curates conceptual documentation for the QIR specification as well as all the tools in the QIR ecosystem.

If you have any examples, projects, or ideas on what you might like to see here, please open an issue or pull request.

For contributors 👩‍💻

Read our Contributing Guide to learn about how to add to this book, and see Discord to ask questions and help others in the community.

Be inspired ✨

Our Gallery of QIR Projects has examples of QIR projects from across the community, and the changelog has updates on the book content and features.

How does this build? 🔨

The book supports executable Jupyter notebooks for a variety of kernels so that the tutorials can be run and tested as a part of making the book. Our Tools Page also lists many of the tools we use to make this happen.

About the project ℹ️

Learn more about the book’s goals, see a list of contributors, join a community call or see previous call notes.