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#include <Rules/Notation/Notation.hpp>

Public Functions

Capture(std::string const & name)
Explicit creation using string name constructor.
IOperandPrototypePtr operator=(IOperandPrototypePtr const & other)

Detailed Description

class microsoft::quantum::notation::Capture;

Helper class to enable literals for IR patterns. The main purpose of this class is to enable notation that allows one write "name"_cap = operandGenerator() where the operand generator is a function which creates a IOperandPrototypePtr. This notation means that whenever a operand is matched, the matched value is stored under "name".

Public Functions Documentation

function Capture

explicit Capture(
    std::string const & name

Explicit creation using string name constructor.

function operator=

IOperandPrototypePtr operator=(
    IOperandPrototypePtr const & other

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