Documentation for microsoft::quantum::GroupingPassConfiguration


Public Types

using std::unordered_set< std::string > Set
using DeferredValue::DeferredValuePtr DeferredValuePtr

Public Functions

void setup(ConfigurationManager & config)
bool groupQis() const
Set irreversibleOperations() const
String qirRuntimePrefix() const
GroupingPassConfiguration createDisabled()

Public Types Documentation

using Set

using microsoft::quantum::GroupingPassConfiguration::Set =  std::unordered_set<std::string>;

using DeferredValuePtr

using microsoft::quantum::GroupingPassConfiguration::DeferredValuePtr =  DeferredValue::DeferredValuePtr;

Public Functions Documentation

function setup

inline void setup(
    ConfigurationManager & config

Setup function that adds the configuration flags to the ConfigurationManager. See the ConfigurationManager documentation for more details on how the setup process is implemented.

function groupQis

inline bool groupQis() const

function irreversibleOperations

inline Set irreversibleOperations() const

function qirRuntimePrefix

inline String qirRuntimePrefix() const

function createDisabled

static inline GroupingPassConfiguration createDisabled()

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