The QIR Alliance

The QIR Alliance is a joint effort to develop a forward-looking quantum intermediate representation with the goal to enable full interoperability within the quantum ecosystem and reduce development effort from all parties.

We strive to develop a holistic solution that permits to take full advantage of unique and distinct capabilities in the landscape of heterogenous quantum processors. We are thrilled to be collaborating closely with the quantum community to design and implement the necessary compiler technology to accelerate advances in quantum programming language design and execution systems.

The QIR Alliance is part of the Linux Foundation’s Joint Development Foundation work on open standards, you can read about the launch on the Linux Foundation website.

Steering Committee

Steering members include Microsoft, NVIDIA, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Quantinuum, Quantum Circuits Inc., and Rigetti Computing (in alphabetical order). For more information about the project organization, we refer to this document.

qir alliance steering member logos


The steering committee meets once a month. The meetings are not open to the public at this time, but minutes are published here. The steering committee may invite domain experts and repository maintainers to join the discussions. Please reach out to if you would like to propose a topic for consideration and/or would like to volunteer your time and expertise.

Logos and icons of the QIR Alliance and associated efforts can be downloaded from our GitHub repo.